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Takeout Specials

3-Course Omakase 99
Kai (clam) miso soup
Seasonal salad w/ miso marinated salmon
Sushi box (8pcs premium sushi nigiri, 1 pc toro uni caviar, 1 pc baby Maine lobster)

Sushi Omakase Bento 69 
8 pcs seasonal nigiri, 1 pc toro tartar, 1 pc katsunagi

Chirashi Bowl 49
Sushi rice topped with 10 types of fish

Signature Sushi (2 pieces per order)

Baby Maine Lobster 18
Seared lobster with spicy sauce

Escolar with Salsa 8
Rice chip, escolar with salsa

Crunchy Sushi 8
Tempura halibut with special Kabuto curry sauce

Ceviche 10
Halibut wrapped with deep fried seaweed

Hamachi Pear 11
Yellowtail sushi with sliced pear and Kabuto fruity mustard sauce

Spicy Tuna Tartare 9
Chopped tuna, avocado wrapped deep fried shiso topped mango pickle

Toro Tartare 9
Tuna belly and avocado with Kabuto tartar sauce and deep fried shiso

Katsunagi 9
Deep fried unagi and avocado with Kabuto raspberry miso sauce

Tai Grape 12
Red snapper sushi with grapefruit

Sun Rise 15
Salmon sushi with tobiko and quail egg

Hot apple 10
Seared scallop sushi with apple and fruity mustard sauce

Spicy Scallop 12
Scallop sushi with hot salsa sauce

Toro Truffle Caviar 28
Seared toro caviar, truffle, ankimo with gold leaf

Toro Uni Caviar 26
Seared toro with uni and caviar

Hamachi Jalapeno 22
6 pc hamachi with yuzu sauce topped with Asian pear and jalapeno

Wagyu A5 Sushi 30
Seared A5 wagyu

Sushi & Sashimi (price per piece)

Hon Maguro 6
Blue fin tuna

Toro 11
Fatty Tuna

Shiro Maguro 4
White Tuna

New Zealand Sake 7
Salmon from NZ

Ocean Trout 7

Sake 4.5

Hamachi 5
Yellow Tail

Kanpachi 7
Yellow Jack

Hirame 6
Fluke from Korea

Tai 6
Sea bream

Aji 7
Spanish Mackerel

Shima Aji 7
Amber Jack

Ebi 4

Amaebi 7
Sweet Shrimp

Uni 14/17
Sea Urchin (Santa Barbara/Japan)

Snow Crab 5

Alaskan King Crab 10

Unagi 6
Fresh Water Eel

Anago 6
Sea Eel

Tamago 4
Egg Custard (Omelette)

Ikura 6
Salmon Roe

Nasu 3

Japanese Pumpkin 3

Yam Potato 3

Asparagus 4

Inari 3
Deep Fried Tofu


Rice 3

Tofu Miso 4
Miso soup with tofu and wakame

Nameko Miso 4.5
Miso soup with baby mushrooms

Kai Miso 7
Miso soup with Asari clams


House Salad 9
Green mix salad with miso dressing

Wakame 9
Seaweed and green mix salad with ginger dressing

Soba Noodle 14
Soba and green mix salad with wasabi dressing

Sunomono 6
Sliced cucumber in rice vinegar sauce

Kani or Tako Sunomono 10/12
Sliced cucumber in rice vinegar sauce with your choice of snow crab or octopus

Gomaae 7
Boiled spinach with sesame dressing

Kimpira 8
Sauteed burdock root

Edamame 6
Steamed and seasoned Japanese soybeans

Oshinko 7
Four kinds of Japanese pickled vegetables

Agemono – Fried

Tempura or Vegetable Tempura 16
prawn and assorted vegetable tempura

Agedashi Tofu 7
Deep fried tofu with broth

Chicken Karaage 12
Fried marinated chicken

Salmon Dumpling 12
Crispy fried salmon dumpling (5pc)


Nabeyaki Udon 20
Udon soup with vegetables, egg, and one shrimp tempura

Nasu Dengaku 14
Fried and grilled eggplant with miso sauce

Piri-Kara Nasu 10
Fried and grilled Japanese eggplant with spicy miso sauce

Gyoza 9
Homemade miso potstickers (5pc)

Tonkatsu 15
Pork cutlet with tonkatsu sauce

Yakimono – Grilled

Tori Niku (Chicken) 17
Grilled chicken with Teriyaki sauce and green mix salad

Grilled Sea Bass 16
Miso marinated sea bass

New York Steak 25
Beef steak with Teriyaki sauce and green mix salad

Kama – Hamachi/Salmon 20/12
Yellowtail or Salmon with grated radish and ponzu sauce

Salmon Yakimono 21
Grilled salmon with Teriyaki sauce and green mix salad

Sushi Bar

Choice of Makimono Roll (cut into 6 pieces) or Handroll

Negi Hamachi 10
Yellow Tail & Green Onion

Negi Toro 16
Fatty Tuna & Green Onion

Tekka 9
Tuna Roll

Salmon & Avocado Roll 10

California 14
Fresh Real Crab and Avocado

Alaskan King Crab Roll 21
King Crab and Avocado

Salmon Skin Roll 10

Spicy Tuna 10

Tempura Shrimp Roll 12

Kani Kara 14
Soft-shell Crab (Spider Roll)

Avocado Roll 9

Kappa 8
Cucumber Roll

Asparagus Roll 14

Futomaki 12
Egg, Spinach, Gourd & Shiitake

Rainbow Roll 19
Halibut, Salmon, Tuna (outside),
Tempura Shrimp & Cucumber (inside)

Dragon Roll 19
Unagi & Avocado (outside), Tempura Shrimp (inside)

Fire Salmon Roll 20
Seared Salmon topped w/ Spicy Sauce (outside), Tempura Shrimp & Cucumber (inside)

Tuna (outside), Soft-shell Crab (inside) 19

Salmon (outside), Soft-shell Crab (inside) 19

Avocado (outside), Unagi (inside) 16

Salmon with Lemon 19
Salmon topped w/ thinly sliced lemons (outside), Avocado & Crab (inside)


Coke, Diet Coke, or Sprite 3

Ramune Japanese Soda 4

Bottled Water 3

Note: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Also, please note that while infrequent, there could be pieces of shell or bone in our fish and shellfish.

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